I come from a family of artists and since my young age I have lived closely to art and creation. I graduated in Fine Arts at the College of San Carlos of the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia granted an Erasmus scholarship in the Accademia di Brera in Milan by Erasmus.
Following to the university, in my thirst for knowledge and to improve my techniques, I continued my education and achieved a  Master de Creacion Digital at the Universidad Catolica of Valencia.
Following to my education, I worked in Rosebud, Brand Care Agency as a graphic designer training, where I learned a great deal about marketing and branding.
In my next role I worked on a study of Valencian graphic design, making posters, illustrations, magazine design, along with storyboards for TV commercials.  This was particularly intense and enjoyable period of my life and I loved the challenges and versatility.
So I am a passionate graphic designer and illustrator, who worked for several Valencia companies involved in various Sectors. Currently in my creations I enjoy combining my two facets both as designer and artist.
Currently I am working for a international companie in England as a graphic designer and illustrator.
I hope you enjoy my website and designs! I can help you create a cutting edge marketing campaign so get in touch!