Since 2014 I am living in England and working as a Senior Graphic Designer in Dawsongroup, delivering premium and engaging marketing materials for a global leading cold chain and asset management B2B brand.

Designs range from award-winning entries in industry leading competitions through to adverts and materials for product launches in the form of logos, leaflets, brochures, illustrations, emailers and video creation.

Also I have been worked as Graphic Designer and Illustrator for a several companies in Valencia, Spain as design studios, advertising agencies, architecture studios, modeling agencies, leisure companies and neighborhood associations.

From a Spanish family of artists, I have been all my life in a closed relation with art and design, feeling a special connection since I was a child.

My knowledge is based on all my previous experiences and my studies, since I have a Master in Digital Creation 2010 and also a degree in Fine Arts 2009, in addition to having done several courses to deepen in certain aspects of design.