Currently, I am working for a international company in Spain, ensuring the functionality and coordination of the department’s activities, supporting marketing executives in the organisation of campaigns and the development of marketing strategies, furthermore designing catalogues and corporate image for the company and at the same time, developing documentation and product management.

Previously I lived in England 8 years, working as Graphic designer in doTERRA, American company, supporting in the creation of content, assets and materials for the European community of customers, companies and independent product distributors. Creating designs for different markets, nationalities and languages, ensuring that key brand messages and styles remained consistent across platforms and warranties.

Also I worked as Senior Graphic Designer in Dawsongroup, England, delivering premium and engaging marketing materials for a global leading cold chain and asset management B2B brand. Designs range from award-winning entries in industry leading competitions through to adverts and materials for product launches in the form of logos, leaflets, brochures, illustrations, emailers and video creation.

Last but not the least, I have been worked as Graphic Designer and Illustrator for a several companies in Valencia, Spain, as design studios, advertising agencies, architecture studios, modeling agencies, leisure companies and neighborhood associations.

My origins are from a Spanish family of artists, I have been all my life in a closed relation with art and design, feeling a special connection since I was a child.

My knowledge is based on all my previous experiences and my studies, since I have a Master in Digital Creation 2010 and also a degree in Fine Arts 2009, in addition to having done several courses to deepen in certain aspects of design.